Creating Your Own Dresser Plans for a Baby Dresser

It may sound like an incredibly easy task, but creating your own baby dresser out of wood is not as easy as it sounds. There are many things to think about when coming up with the dresser plans that need to be finalized before any woodworking begins.

The best way to avoid wasting time, money, and resources, is by thinking everything through in detail before going through with any plans. We are going to highlight some of the main things you need to consider in your plans, so you can create the perfect dresser for your new or current addition to your home.

Customizing the Drawers

Creating Your Own Dresser Plans for a Baby DresserIf you have decided to create your own baby dresser rather than going to the store to purchase one, there are likely many reasons for this. The first reason may be customization. When you create the dresser on your own, you have the free will and the ability to do whatever you want with it.

This is a great thing, but it is important you know exactly what you would like customized on the dresser. The first thing you need to think about is dresser space and drawers. Do you want all of the drawers to be equal sizes? Maybe you want a few small drawers for socks and diapers and things along those lines. These are decisions that need to be made as you create your dresser plans.

Will You Include Cabinets?

Many people forget that they have free will to do whatever they want if they are the ones building the dresser. That being said, you can do absolutely whatever you want with it! If you want to add some cabinets or shelves to the top of the dresser, you can do that. Just be sure to add this into the plans to begin with, so you can figure in the overall materials and cost.

Where Will the Dresser Go?

Decide where you are going to put the dresser in the room as you work on your plans. This will determine how big it can be and also have an affect on the size of the drawers. These sound like simple steps, but you would not believe how many people overlook these basic yet vital steps to the dresser building process.

Will You Plan on Having More Children and Will They Share the Dresser?

We know this may be jumping way ahead to the future, but if you plan on having more children and perhaps have them share a room, it may be wise to factor this in to the size of the dresser. If two kids will eventually share the dresser, you may want to create it accordingly by duplicating the drawers and shelf space on each side.

You can basically create two dressers into one, which will save you time, worry, an

d money when your next child arrives in the future.

These are simple, basic, but vital things to consider when creating your dresser plans. Find the answers to all of these questions and then you can begin working on your project!

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