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Full Review of Ted’s Woodworking Digital Course

If woodworking is your thing, whether it is a hobby or a career for you, you are likely always on the hunt for new plans to try out with your projects. This is where Ted’s Woodworking course comes in. With up to 16,000 plans available to you for just $67, you can be out in your woodworking shed in minutes creating these amazing projects for yourself or to sell.

It can be hard to come by excellent plans for woodworking these days, and this is something you know if you have been doing this for a while. We have done our own research on Ted’s Woodworking and are going to provide you with a full, in-depth review on his course, so you can decide if his endless amount of plans is worth the cost for you. Here we go!

Plans That Are Incredibly Easy to Follow

One great thing we have found about Ted’s Woodworking course is that he not only has a wide variety of plans, but they are also incredibly simple and easy to understand and follow. This is great for both beginners and experts. Nobody wants to have to sit down for countless hours trying to figure out what the plans mean or what they are supposed to do.

All 16,000, or 16,450 to be exact, plans are broken down in a simple way and are easy to follow. This is a great but very hard thing to find when it comes to woodworking plans. Some people create plans that they personally understand, but do not realize that it comes across as confusing to other people who are trying to follow them. Not Ted! Expect a smooth and seamless experience while reading the plans.

Now, there have been a few people who have complained a bit regarding some of the plans being too confusing to figure out, but they are the minority. Our take on that is that these people were likely complete beginners who picked up a more challenging plan and could not figure it out.

If you have been woodworking for a little while and know what you are doing, you will have no issues understanding these plans. Plus, there are so many of them to choose from! If all 16,000 of them confuse you, you probably should not be woodworking to begin with.

You Have Endless Options to Choose From

Speaking of 16,000, how incredible is that? How many courses can you find that offer that many quality plans in one place for such a low price? You will have projects for days, even years to try out with Ted’s Woodworking. You can expect to find plains for absolutely any and every project you can think of.

  • Arbor Projects
  • Barn Plans
  • Bird Feeders
  • Chicken Houses
  • Cutting Boards
  • Coffee Tables
  • Computer Desks
  • Small Crafts
  • Deck Plans
  • Children Room Plans
  • Bee Hive Plans
  • Garage Plans
  • Home Office Projects
  • Hutch Plans
  • Kitchen Projects
  • Signs and Displays
  • Stools
  • Wooden Racks
  • Swing Plans
  • Playhouses
  • Rabbit Houses
  • Storage Plans
  • Shelves
  • Scroll Saw
  • Weather Station
  • Trays
  • Mantels
  • Mirrors
  • Music Boxes

…and that does not even begin to scratch the surface of all of the plans that Ted’s Woodworking offers you! It truly is an unbelievable deal you will not find anywhere else.

Build Your Skills and Confidence

You will find that all 16,000 of these quality plans come step-by-step, so it is so easy for you to read and follow. You can create projects and designs that are worth thousands of dollars with these plans. You will not only build up your woodworking skills with these plans and projects, but you will also build your confidence.

There is nothing more rewarding than creating something on your own that you have never made before. With the endless amount and types of projects available from Ted’s Woodworking, you will surely find something you have never worked on before that can challenge you and help you grow in your woodworking skills.

Great for Beginners and Pros

As crazy as it sounds, Ted’s Woodworking offers projects that are great for both beginners and professionals. No matter how long you have been woodworking, there is a project for you with this course.

You do not have to be an expert to be able to work on a project from this wide list of options. With all of the raving reviews on this course, we encourage you to ignore the voice that may be telling you it is impossible for you to take this on and try it out! You may surprise yourself.

If you are a professional, you will find projects that are easy to you and also incredibly challenging. It is a great mix of plans that meet a variety of skills.

It Is So Surprisingly Affordable

The most incredible thing about Ted’s Woodworking that we and other reviewers cannot get over is the fact that it is so surprisingly affordable. One would think that over 16,000 quality plans that have taken years to accumulate would cost hundreds of dollars to gain access to these projects.

However, that is not the case with Ted’s Woodworking. All you have to do is go to his website and purchase the deal price for $67. The original price is listed as $197, which is still ridiculously reasonable. It is unsure how long this deal price is going to last, so we suggest if you are interested, to go ahead and purchase the course.

It Is Time to Create!

Woodworking Quest.com Ratings 4.5 / 5 Stars

Are you pumped up to go out there and tackle some of these projects? You will have a lifetime of plans to take on and you will never get bored or complacent in your woodworking again.

Ted’s Woodworking is, overall, a quality course offering you an incredible deal that you should definitely not pass up.

Ideas to Make Woodworking More Than Just a Hobby

Ideas to Make Woodworking More Than Just a HobbyIf woodworking has been a hobby for you, it is probably something you thoroughly enjoy doing. We totally understand! Woodworking is a very rewarding thing. There is nothing quite like starting with a few pieces of wood and then seeing the final project when you are done putting in countless hours to mold the wood into something spectacular.

Maybe you have been doing this for yourself and for fun for years now, but you think you may actually have a shot at making some money off of it. If that is the case, we are going to give you some brilliant woodworking ideas to turn this hobby into a moneymaker. Are you ready?

Research, Research, Research

As with everything in life, doing a great deal of research to make sure you know everything about the matter at hand is an excellent way to get a step ahead of a lot of people. By simply gathering together all of the kits, plans, and patterns as possible when it comes to woodworking, you can learn a lot of important things that will make an impact on how well you do with this new business.

It is a great idea to do market research and find out what hot items are selling today. Lucky for you, Google exists today and this information should be just a click away.

Apply Your Research

Now that you have researched and studied all that you can about woodworking and what items are selling well today, you need to apply that research. Select a few of those items that seem to be doing well in the market and create them! The great thing is, even if they do not sell well for you, you can always keep them in your own home or give them away to friends. Nothing will go to waste, so you have nothing to lose.

Woodworking is about trial and error. Sometimes things work out great, and sometimes you have to start from scratch and try again. At times you will create something that is amazing and you think it will make you a ton of money and it just will not sell. This will happen, so do not become discouraged.

Take Advantage of All of the Craft Shows Offered to You

There are local arts and craft shows everywhere. Do some online research and find the nearest one to you. Check it out because this is a wonderful place to find inspiration, ideas, and just simply become inspired to create.

Now, we are not saying go out and steal other ideas, but everyone finds inspiration from somewhere. What better way to become inspired than around a bunch of other people who are creating things from their own hands and hard work?

Having a Range Is Key

Be sure to have a wide range in prices. Sure, it would be great to sell everything for over $1,000, but the reality is that not everyone will be able to afford that or be willing to spend that much.

Have a range of products with a variety of prices and your items will be relevant and appealing to everyone.

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Creating Your Own Dresser Plans for a Baby Dresser

It may sound like an incredibly easy task, but creating your own baby dresser out of wood is not as easy as it sounds. There are many things to think about when coming up with the dresser plans that need to be finalized before any woodworking begins.

The best way to avoid wasting time, money, and resources, is by thinking everything through in detail before going through with any plans. We are going to highlight some of the main things you need to consider in your plans, so you can create the perfect dresser for your new or current addition to your home.

Customizing the Drawers

Creating Your Own Dresser Plans for a Baby DresserIf you have decided to create your own baby dresser rather than going to the store to purchase one, there are likely many reasons for this. The first reason may be customization. When you create the dresser on your own, you have the free will and the ability to do whatever you want with it.

This is a great thing, but it is important you know exactly what you would like customized on the dresser. The first thing you need to think about is dresser space and drawers. Do you want all of the drawers to be equal sizes? Maybe you want a few small drawers for socks and diapers and things along those lines. These are decisions that need to be made as you create your dresser plans.

Will You Include Cabinets?

Many people forget that they have free will to do whatever they want if they are the ones building the dresser. That being said, you can do absolutely whatever you want with it! If you want to add some cabinets or shelves to the top of the dresser, you can do that. Just be sure to add this into the plans to begin with, so you can figure in the overall materials and cost.

Where Will the Dresser Go?

Decide where you are going to put the dresser in the room as you work on your plans. This will determine how big it can be and also have an affect on the size of the drawers. These sound like simple steps, but you would not believe how many people overlook these basic yet vital steps to the dresser building process.

Will You Plan on Having More Children and Will They Share the Dresser?

We know this may be jumping way ahead to the future, but if you plan on having more children and perhaps have them share a room, it may be wise to factor this in to the size of the dresser. If two kids will eventually share the dresser, you may want to create it accordingly by duplicating the drawers and shelf space on each side.

You can basically create two dressers into one, which will save you time, worry, and money when your next child arrives in the future.

These are simple, basic, but vital things to consider when creating your dresser plans. Find the answers to all of these questions and then you can begin working on your project!

Best Woodworking Bench Plans | Check Out Our Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Things to Consider Before Building Your Own Woodworking Bench

Maybe you just picked up woodworking as a new hobby to keep you busy, or you are getting into woodworking to make a little extra money on the side, or perhaps you are looking into doing it full-time, there are many things to consider when it comes to a woodworking bench.

The first thing you need to know is what exactly a woodworking bench is and then you need to figure out whether or not you need one, and if you want to build your own or buy one.

What Exactly Is a Woodworking Bench and Why Do You Need One?

Things to Consider Before Building Your Own Woodworking BenchAlthough the name is pretty self-explanatory, many people are not sure exactly what this is or why they would need one. If you find yourself in this boat, do not worry! We will tell you everything you need to know about this bench and then you can decide if you need one, and we are pretty sure you will if you are into woodworking.

This workbench is basically a table that is designed specifically for woodworkers to hold their work pieces on while using other tools on them. There are countless types and styles to choose from; regardless of if you are buying them in the store or building your own. You definitely need one of these if you are going to be building and creating things from wood. The next question you need to answer is whether you should make your own or buy one that is already created?

You have to consider the cost

This all depends on your individual budget and what you can personally afford. If you are looking for a cheap fix by building your own, you may be in for a surprise. The cost of the material that you will have to buy in order to make a sturdy bench is pretty high. You can expect to spend anywhere from $4 to $10 on a board foot. That is quite a range! If you are new to this, we are going to suggest that you save your time and go ahead and invest in an already-made working bench.

Chances are, if you are a newbie, you will make some mistakes with the bench at first. Even people who have been woodworking for a while still claim to have issues creating the perfect workbench. That being said, to start off, invest in a quality bench made by an expert. Also, keep in mind that you will still have to spend at least $1,000 for a high-quality bench that will meet your working needs.

Does Customization Matter to You?

If customizing the bench to your individual taste and desires is something that is important to you, you may be better off trying to build your own bench. Obviously if you are buying a pre-made one, your options will be somewhat limited in this area.

This is where you just have to make a priority list and figure out what matters the most to you regarding your workbench.

If you want our opinion on this, we suggest investing in an already made workbench that guarantees to last through all of your work. Customizing one and building it yourself will be rewarding, but this is perhaps something you should consider doing down the road after you have some experience under your belt.

When you have more experience you can also take a look at building a baby dresser

All You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Plans

If you are looking to redo your kitchen cabinets, there are countless kitchen cabinet plans available for you to use if you wish. Something as small and simple as redoing your cabinets in the kitchen can completely transform the entire look and feel of your home.  

Many of these resources available to you are free, but many of them come at a small cost. The plans you choose will depend on your taste, the look you are going for, and what kind of budget you have.

Decide Your Measurements First

All You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinet PlansThe first step is to obviously decide what changes you want to make with the cabinets and how you want the room to look in the end. After that, you must pick the cabinet plan that works best for you and fits your individual needs for the design. After that, measurements are the most important thing.

You will need to figure out the exact measurements in your kitchen to make sure everything lines up perfectly. If you are even a little bit off, this could throw off the entire plan. Also, if you do not take the time to do this step accurately, you will likely end up wasting a ton of time and money in the process because you will have to go back and fix things and likely even buy more material or tools.

In this step, be sure to include any appliances you keep in your cabinets to be sure they are all the right size for your belongings. It would be a shame and also a huge waste of time and money to skip this important step and then have to redo all of the cabinets because nothing fits inside of them.

Thinking About the Layout of Your Cabinets

While creating your cabinet plans, you should think closely about the layout of the cabinets. Remember that the most important part of your kitchen is that it is a place you can work and cook in. That being said, you should try and organize the kitchen in a way to where everything is easily accessible and there is still plenty of space to work.

Be Sure the Design Plans Are Customized to Meet Your Needs

Regardless of where you choose to get your plans from, the most important thing is that it is customized to meet your needs. Everyone has their own style and everyone has their own personal budget they can afford.

That being said, customization is key. If you desire to have a wine cabinet built in, that should be included in the plans. If you want a shelf for all of your cookbooks and things like that, this should be in the plans. Basically, just make sure you think about everything that you want done before finalizing your cabinet plans. If you forget something it could throw off the entire project, including the budget.

If you are redoing your kitchen cabinets and are looking into purchasing cabinet plans, these are the basic steps you need to think about to do this successfully.

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The Basic Woodturning Tools You Should Have

The Basic Woodturning Tools You Should HaveThere are so many woodworking tools out there on the market today that it can become a bit overwhelming. If you are just starting out, you may feel like you need every single one to become successful at woodwork. However, that is not necessarily true.

We have put together a guide to the basic woodturning tools you should have as a beginner and an expert woodworker. All of these tools work differently, but this guide will help you narrow down the amount of tools you should purchase before you start working away.

The Skew Chisel Is a Must-Have

If you are working with planing wood, this option is fantastic for that. You will not have to sand at all after using this tool. If you are feeling up for a challenge or a bit adventurous, you can even use this tool for other types of woodwork jobs.

This tool is amazing for creating details in your work, making it fun to work with and challenging as well. Just be sure to stay fully concentrated on your work when using the skew chisel to avoid any accidents or injury, but this rule should go for any type of tool you are working with.

The Parting Tool Is Another Must-Have

This tool does exactly what is sounds like it does; it parts the wood for you. If you are working between centers, be sure to just part the wood most of the way and then use a saw for the rest of the work. This will guarantee the job gets done properly the first time around. This tool is a great basic to have in your collection if you have been working with wood for a while or if you are just now trying it out.

The Bowl Gouge Is a Must-Have Tool in Your Collection

The bowl gouge is another excellent tool you need for sure. Another name for this tool is the deep fluted gouge. This gouge can even be used for spindle work because it is very easy to grasp onto.

This tool is basically made for shaping bowls. It is great for both the outer shape of the bowl and the dish shape. You will have a lot of fun playing around with the bowl gouge and figuring out all it can do for you and your woodwork.

All of the tools mentioned above are basic tools any woodworker has or should have in their shed. These tools give you an outlet to do many things with wood and allow you to be more creative in your work.

Woodworking is an excellent career and/or hobby. It allows you to use your mind, your creativity, and also use your hands to create something completely from scratch. It is an amazing feeling to start a project on your own and see the outcome before your very eyes in the end.

Purchase these tools to help you experience that amazing feeling of starting a woodworking job and finishing it right.